Supporting Harmony at Work


At Symposium Learning we aim to inspire organisations and their managers to adopt BEST PRACTICES in people management.

Our Handbooks & Policies blueprints are specifically created for small and medium organisations.

We also offer service of consultations and work with organisations in the management of  changes and implementation of new policies and procedures. 

Our innovative Development programmes recreate  “on-the-job” events which will give managers the chance to practice and gain confidence in handling crucial aspects of their jobs like: controlling operations outcome, implementing processes & procedures, handling difficult employees relations, building teams and resilience.

At Symposium Learning we based our educational values on 3 pillars

-          Experiential Learning: core to adult learning, respect for experience is crucial. Experience is channelled, planned and evaluated.

-          Collective Learning : Learning is not an isolated experience: from implementation of new Employee handbook to new KPIs, we support managers and organisations in engage with new policies.

 -          Social Responsibility: regardless of the personal motivation and career choices, those who embark in people management acquire duties and responsibilities. Fairness, Equality, respect of Diversity are paramount requirements for managers and leaders.

 It is our purpose and vision to support business owners, supervisors and people manager in the creation and maintenance of harmonious work relations.

We support environment within which each individual and their organisation strive towards self-actualisation. 



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