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August 29, 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  1. How did I get to this book?

Books come to us in a different ways: mostly by recommendation. I take recommendations from friends, reviews on newspapers, HBR and some podcast. I also like to browse airport’s bookstores and pick a best seller.

Often the title promises to answer a question I might be pondering about.

2. Does it Keep its promise?

Many books follow a standard format: say it, say what you said and say it again. The objectives are clearly stated in the opening remarks and in most business genre books the synopsis are good summaries on how performance and management strategies will be affected. Not all, however, deliver on the promise.

3. Take-away that wont spoilt your reading

I will share some take-aways that I will attempt to implement in the course of my training and management courses. Some will work, some wont. This is the beauty of learning.

4. About the Author

Is the author an expert in the field? Does s/he have direct lived experienced? What else is relevant to know so to position the book in the correct context?

5. What others are saying about this book

References to other book reviews or commentaries will be given, especially when the book was a referral. The aim is to ensure a broad understanding of the book and its contribution.

What else….

Find your book

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